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Devin Brown, Communications Mgr.
Ascend Marketing, Inc

July 17, 2015
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Revolutionary Pipe displacement system introduced by M-Pile

Using steel pipe piles and drilling rigs it “screws” into the ground

M-Pile™ Sales, LLC is among the first companies making it possible to “screw” steel pipe piles into the ground, and their uniquely-engineered tip is the most effective and efficient in the industry. Using these specially fabricated tips, M-Pile is poised to change the pile driving industry, with the capacity to place 40 piles in one day, while virtually eliminating noise, vibration and spoil concerns.

Cutting labor and set-up costs, the M-Pile™ system is a cost effective alternative to hydraulic and diesel hammers. With the use of a drilling rig, M-Pile™ systems can set-up and start drilling piles in a matter of hours.

“We want our customers to save time and expense and make more money,” said Steve Wilson, president of M-Pile. “One way they can do that is with the labor savings they’ll get from set-up and tear downs. A normal pile driver takes two days to set-up. Ours is couple of hours.”

While saving money, M-Pile™ is also designed to be safe and unobtrusive for workers on the job site. With little vibration and noise, workers can easily continue working. Other pile driving systems make communication next to impossible. The noise and vibration caused by hammering methods are a nuisance for up to a 1-mile radius around a job site, and cannot be used at all in many situations.

The system may eliminate the need for spoil removal in contaminated soil situations, which can dramatically reduce or eliminate regulatory processes and paperwork. Again, a time and money-saver that can give contractors a competitive advantage and greater profit potential.

In 2012(exact year needed) Hensel Phelps Construction Co. decided to use M-Pile™ for the San Francisco International Airport addition because of its great benefits. Installed to a depth of 60 feet, the project used 160 M-piles. The installation was done adjacent to the terminal, where vibration concerns would have made installation by hammer impossible. Airport operations were never interrupted with the M-Pile technology.

The M-Pile™ tips are
fabricated to fit a 12 ¾” steel pipe, by welding the tips onto the pipe. Torque, depth and rate of penetration are monitored during installation.  The piles can be spliced in the field and also can be filled with concrete.

“Using M-Pile has set our company apart from other pile driving companies,” said Mike Maggio, a user of M-Pile. “It’s one less hassle we have to worry about. Now we can focus on the project and not the extra procedures with normal pile driving.”

Currently the company is offering on-site consultations for qualified projects, a $1500 value at no charge, and free M-Pile™ tips demonstrate M-Pile’s capabilities if the job qualifies.

“We don’t want to waste our clients’ time,” said Mike Ballou, M-Pile™ Sales Director. “It will become very evident why our systems are different. You’ll save time and have a bigger profit on each job.”

To arrange for the no-cost job analysis or simply for more information, interested contractors can contact M-Pile Sales at 801-288-8919.

Documentation, including the San Francisco International Airport case history, can be found on www.m-pile.com.

Because M-Pile tipped piles are installed using a drilling rig, they can be placed in tight-proximity situations that hammer installations can't facilitate. That means more potential job opportunities fro contractors.

The M-Pile Tip is welded onto a 12  3/4" steel pipe pile which is then easily lifted onto an appropriate drilling rig for installation. The procedure is safer, quieter, and nearly vibration free.

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